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1 everyday

Every day the squirrels come out and take a bite or maybe two from different peaches. In the process of their climbing around they shake the tree and the almost ripe peaches fall on the ground. 

1 naughty and nice

This is Taylor, well, James Taylor is his full name. He’s a young puppy who doesn’t mean any harm, he just forgets to think first before he does something.

2 incomplete
Haven’t quite eaten them all.

2  to do
Give him a biscuit or a pat on the head he likes both.

3 oclock

The garden in the afternoon.

3 skyline-
3 skyline
3 evening skyline
4 Fresh basil pesto on tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and green beans
Fresh basil pesto on tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and green beans.
4 fresh smoothie
Fresh ginger Peach smoothie.
4 typography
I pulled these out of a trash can for the photo. Just pretend you didn’t see me ok?

5 early photoADay
5 early morning

5 shadow
6 dramatic
6 50mm 14 PancakeNinja
Simple little lens but it’s the lens I use most and is the sharpest lens I own. We have done a lot together. 6 50mm 1.4 PancakeNinja
When I first decided to buy a DSLR I asked a few friends about lenses to get and they said start with a 50mm and learn to compose your shots. I think that was good advice.

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