PhotoADay ~ Begins wit G

by - 4:01 PM

 2 begins with g


Gaze, or grain you pick.


3 my town


Tonight the city is my town, tomorrow I say good bye. I will not miss you traffic.


3 my town2



3 my town4


This is what it looks like where I grew up


3 my town3


And where I live now we get a teeny bit of snow every now and then and everybody gets really really excited about it. 

At the mere mention of  snow they close school and run to the store to get milk and bread. I still don’t understand the bread and milk part, I do understand that the roads become icy and not safe for school busses.


1 lunch



4 word


There you have it in writing.


5 found


Yes, there it was a single strawberry on the hedges!


6 happens every day


What, your monkeys don’t hang from the light?

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