Color saturation before and after

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I like to play around with my photos and see what happens. This morning I took some photos.

It looked like this straight out of the camera. I'm not super awesome with a camera by any stretch of the imagination  yet so that's what it looked like.

Here, I increased the vibrancy a little bit and desaturated every color except blue.
I think it's fun just to be able to do this.
So I did.

The Larkspur SOOTC -straight out of the camera.
F stop 3.5
1/250 sec
ISO 200

Cropped and added a little vibrancy. It helped the blue purple or is it purple blue? Well, it stands out, that's what it does.

Every once in a while I like a photo SOOTC -straight out of the camera and this is it, the one and only photo that I didn't have to adjust anything on!

I gave this a dreamier feel.
I brought the vibrancy up and the saturation down dont ask me what that does, it does something. They've got to be different otherwise there wouldn't be two options.
I look at it and if I like it I leave it.
I gave the highlights a yellow tint and the shadows a blue tint.

I promise I will never always do the dreamy thing to my photos!
I'll just do it sometimes.

 How it looked SOOTC -straight out of the camera

 take some pictures and if they come out bad take some more.

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  1. Be sure to use your polarizer when photographing flowers!  I will increase the vibrancy!
    I'm teaching a class at Duke this week on Flower Photography.  Duke Gardens is an amazing place!  Wish you were here


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