Strawberries are here!

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Drop what ever you're doing it's strawberry picking time! Bring you mother, mother-in-law, kids, someone else's kids, call in sick, whatever you have to do to pick your own strawberries. You'll thank me later.

 The plants are covered in berries.

Beautiful big berries.

Every row, it's just impossible to know where to start.

I filled my pails without trying. This is the way strawberry picking was meant to be.

Look at this one! I think this is the most perfect berry ever!
     Most perfect,
     Hmm, does that mean it's perfecter?

Only one way to find out
Oh, you have to check because it would be so terrible if you picked a bunch of bad tasting berries.
But not to fear, this berry was outstanding!

Then this little guy waved to me! He reached his little mitten out from under a strawberry leaf and waved.
I waved my ghost white hand back at him.
No I didn't, I picked it and put it in the bucket.

These may never make it to Strawberry Magazine's 50 most beautiful Berries of the year but don't over look them the flavor in the twisted misshapen berries is often much better than the bigger berries.

I wore a red shirt just in case I accidentally got berry juice on myself, I don't know how that might happen but I wore it anyway.

I wore strawberry colored lipstick, no, that's not strawberry juice why do you ask.     

And now, A very good problem what make with strawberries...

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  1. Ummmmmm, I'm hoping it's blueberry/peach season when I get back to Pensacola tomorrow.... any berries in season are so so so so so good. Raspberries and watermelon too ! Anyway your photos are sensational and inspiring, even if I just pick them up at the farmer's market. got some teeny little potatoes I didn't even have to cut up to use there, they were so fresh and sensational too even if they weren't berries....


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