just another day

by - 11:29 AM

 I waited for the light, it was  red.

And then it was Red AND Green!!

That was the least of my concerns that day.

I headed out past Welches store. There's a sign, you just can't see it under the vines now. It says Welches store. It really does.

A little bit  after the burned down house I make a turn at a sorta Y in the road.

It started out like a class IV road and then it got worse and worse.

After  I started thinking about how there's no cell service out here and tried to imagine myself backing all the way out -what if I've gone down the wrong road?
I saw the driveway.
I wish I hadn't
It's a driveway from a bad dream.

 I got out and locked the hubs in.

And shift down to 4 low. If I'm going to make it up this is the only way.

 I started up and all I can see is my hood. Well a little bit of my hood.

And it just got steeper

 and steeper. Now all I can see is tree tops! There's a ditch on the right somewhere!

 I look to be sure I'm in 4 low. I am. I'm not really spinning I'm just going up real slowly.

 And then it flattens out, relatively speaking anyway.

I think I will join the flat earth society!

And  I'll never have to go up here again
Actually I did  quite a few times.

         Don't try this at home.

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