Sneaky Snake

by - 8:22 AM

sneaky snake-2

I guess he lives here, he came out of the garden! I think it’s called a Black snake or a chicken snake.
I don’t know, I guess I live under a rock,
but not the rock that the snake was living under all winter!
I’d never heard the Sneaky snake song until two days ago.

“…Well, sneaky snake drinks root beer, and he just makes me sick
When he is not dancin’, he looks just like a stick
Now, he doesn’t have any arms or legs, you cannot see his ears
And while we are not lookin’, he’s stealin’ all of our beer…”

I immediately thought of certain relatives who most undoubtedly do not like snakes! And thought this song is for them.

I ran over Sneaky snake’s identical twin, I swear it looked just like him! lounging crossways in the road, stretched out about 4’ in length. I guess the twin took it literally when he was told go play in traffic. Only thing was I didn’t know he was Sneaky snake’s twin until I came home  and saw Sneaky snake leaving the garden.
As he was leaving he said something about God never told ME not to eat out of the garden.

sneaky snake-1  
…Boys and girls take warning, if you go near the lake
Keep your eyes wide open, and look for sneaky snake 

sneaky snake-3

Now maybe you won’t see him, maybe you won’t hear
But he’ll sneak up behind you, and drink all your root beer…

sneaky snake-4

And then sneaky snake goes dancin’, wigglin’ and a-hissin’
Sneaky snake goes dancin’, gigglin’ and a-kissin’

sneaky snake-5

I don’t like old sneaky snake; he laughs too much you see
When he goes wigglin’ through the grass, it tickles his underneath

sneaky snake-6

Sneaky snake song for you in case you live under a rock
but not the rock that Sneaky snake spent the winter under.

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