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What is HDR? Well, it looks cool.
I know this much, I need three photos of the same thing

One under exposed

one over exposed

and one just regularly exposed. 

(To make this collage I used Picasa because it is SO easy to make a collage and it’s free) 
Then in Photomatix I select the three photos and tell it to align based on features, that  way if I moved a bit while taking my three photos it’ll do it’s best to line them up. It kinda stacks the photos on top of each other and then you can run these adjustments on how dramatic of a look you want.

A little over the top, maybe. I like it on this bus.I did a more subtle HDR on a waterfalls photo. I was inspired by some beautiful waterfalls photos nicely HDR-ed by a photographer from Nashville. Mine wasn’t nearly as nice as his
but I’ll keep working on it.

This looks like little gnomes might come hopping out any minute.
Or maybe trolls.

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