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PNP sunset621-2

White balance settings have always been on my camera and I’ve always tried to use the correct one for the moment but tonight I used them to get different effects on the same shot and see what the differences were.

PNP sunset621-5
I first tried the setting for direct sunlight.

PNP sunset621-6
Then I set it to cloudy. Not a lot different but a little redish.

PNP sunset621-7
This is the fluorescent setting. Blue, I like that.

PNP sunset621-8
This is the incandescent setting. Similar to the fluorescent.

PNP sunset621-9
And the shade setting.
I wasted a bit of time changing settings, I changed it through the menu. Depending on your camera you may have a dedicated button you can change the white balance with.
I do, I just forget to use it.

I do shoot in JPEG and Raw so I probably could get all these effects on the computer later. I like Raw,  I went to the computer to see just what Raw can do.
PNP sunset621-1-2
This is what it looked like. All yellowy! That is not the way the sky looked. That’s when I saw I still had my white balance on direct sunlight.
PNP sunset621-1
Same photo AFTER. I changed the white balance with the computer and played around with every possible setting, color, hue saturation, brightness, contrast.
Hope I haven’t confused you with that but have inspired you to  play around with some of those buttons on the camera.
And don’t always follow the rules. Break a few,
just not all
Well not all,
all at the same time. 
you might get some photos you really like because of it.

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