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ice bears hockey-1840


We watched Hockey with some of my little hockey playing friends. The NHL might not be playing hockey, but lower levels of pro hockey are playing this season.



ice bears hockey-1846


ice bears hockey-1862, #fmsphotoaday


ice bears hockey-1774


This is Eli, he’s been playing hockey for a couple of years and Pekka Rinne  just might be his favorite NHL player.


ice bears hockey-1826


ice bears hockey-1855


The game was tied near the end of the 3rd.



ice bears hockey-1864


Noah said he wanted to see a shootout. I agreed I’d like a shootout but I wanted to see the IceBears  win if we were going to go to a shootout.

Nobody scored in overtime so we got the shoot out we wanted. Now Noah wasn’t sure this shoot out was such a good idea.



ice bears hockey-1870


I just can’t watch


It was still tied, The IceBears  shot second and they were sending their last guy... 


ice bears hockey-1873


Ricky did some kind of a Datsyuk move. He came down stickhandling on his side and faked a shot


ice bears hockey-1874, #fmsphotoaday


Then he slid the puck across with the toe of his backhand


ice bears hockey-1876


And shot backhanded. But Did he score??


ice bears hockey-1878




ice bears hockey-1880


Everyone was on their feet.


ice bears hockey-1881


ice bears hockey-1884


We won!



nov, #fmsphotoaday

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