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I love seeing a kid take his first steps on the ice.


6 favorite thing 2


I love seeing how one day they couldn’t,

they fall,

they get back up,

they try again.

Then one day they can.

Those smiles of accomplishment are priceless.


6 favorite thing 3


It’s hard to say who has more fun, me or them.


4 tv


TV is a difficult one for me, I don’t spend much time with a TV. On Sunday I was out waterfalls chasing.


4 tv 2


And because I was too lazy to carry a  tripod, I used a rock and some leaves stuffed under the camera.  It sorta worked.

5 five o clock


I know I should’ve had a photo of a guy in a lawn chair on the beach at 10 am drinking a margarita saying “it’s 5 O’clock somewhere”. 



7 reflection


Georgia says Sometimes you just need to take  a moment to reflect on all the good things in life.


8 something you do


Something I do everyday, think about food! I look at recipes and think about food some more. Look at those sandwiches, and doesn’t the roasted tomato soup look good? The baked potato cheddar soup and prosciutto and provolone Panini looks so good too! 

9 small


Yes, I get the very last small amount of toothpaste out before I throw it away.



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