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I am back to Photoaday for the month of November. I saw the November list and was inspired, each one looked like it was something I could use for a fun photo so I’m back on the photoaday wagon.


These Empire apples are the best. The flavor is just about perfect. I highly recommend them. 



nov #FMSphotoaday


So here is the list if you want to join.

The prompts are very unintimidating, you can really do it where ever you are.


day1 C


The cat starring in day 1.


2 Color #FMSphotoaday


The rotten tomatoes killed in the frost and gingerly fished out of the compost pile headlining for day 2.


2 colour photoaday


The runners up were the Empire apples. And honorable mention goes to the compost bowl of red and green pepper stems and seeds; Plain old bokeh from fall leaves; and the dog’s new ball.

Please hold the applause while I introduce to you…


3 Color-0880


Day 3 starring the vegetarian breakfast omelet!


Thank you, thank you very much.

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  1. Keep the photos coming! I love every single one here.

  2. Love all your photo... Everything speaks in all your photo. Photo A day! You are totally amazing!

    Saw your comment at my blog and hope to have you participating our bake-longs and Cook Like a Star events :D


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