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16 view from your window #FMSPHOTOADAY

I looked at the photo a day list and cringed when I saw the prompt for day 15, in my bag. Oh no, Chantelle this is worse than the refrigerator prompt from September. I could find things I didn’t know I had.

12 drink


Day 12 was pretty easy and this pomegranate lemonade is really good.


15 in your bag


Alright, how about the grocery bag with Mrs. Pig’s bulk buy? Mrs. Pig’s bulk buy is in reference to a children’s  book of that title about some little piglets who only liked ketchup and didn’t want to eat any other food their mother made for them. So the next time Mrs. Pig went shopping she came home with gallons and gallons of only ketchup. The little piglets were overjoyed to be able to have just ketchup for a meal Until they realize they’re going to be eating ketchup for breakfast lunch and dinner until the last gallon is gone.

Anyway I refer to any large quantity of any food item as “Mrs. Pig’s bulk buy” and people look at me a little weirdly. It’s ok, I am a little weirdly.

Anyway, let’s keep going through my bags. 15 in your bag 2


On first glance it looks like pretty much everything that should be in there, except why am I carrying around empty water bottles?


15 in your bag 4 #FMSPHOTOADAY


I dug down to the bottom and came out with a bunch of little things that I just keep, ya know just in case.

One skate lace. Actually that could be very useful.

The hand warmers that I will never use even if I was freezing to death because then I wouldn’t be able to tell myself I have those hand warmers in case I get REALLY cold.

Then there’s the last end of a roll of tape that isn’t enough to tape even the tiniest  child’s hockey stick. But I keep it in there just, just because, I don’t know. I really should throw it out.

The there’re the rubber bands for extreme emergencies. These are for really extreme emergencies because they don’t work real well any more, kind of sprung and hardly hold hair.

A few pens, one of them works and I’m not sure which one it is.


15 in your bag 5


In another bag, oh, this should be day 17 cause it’s probably the last thing I bought. You can’t quite see it in the photo but the price tag say original price 5.99 and then the sale price is marked 7.99. This is the one and only time I argued to pay regular price instead of the sale price.

10 can't live without


Can’t live without, Bokeh! These shapes are so much fun to make.


10 cant live without2 #FMSPHOTOADAY


And this clear nail polish is also good for chigger bites since for some reason unknown to me God has decided here in the south we cannot live without chiggers.

15 in your bag 3


These little shapes were in my camera bag. They are what I put in front of my lens to get the Bokeh shapes floating around.

11  night



14 man made






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