Dec 1, 2012

On the way home



Some sunsets are here and gone in minutes. Tonight’s sunset lasted for almost an hour. As I was headed home I thought about stopping but figured it would be gone by the time I got out the camera.

20 minutes later there were twice the colors in the sky. Then I came by Fort Loudon lake and had to stop.




I peeked over the guard rail.




Then went right down the bank.




Yup that’s just what I had in mind.




If God was on twitter and if I used twitter more I think it would go something like this: @God #nicecolors #thankyou. But I’m not sure ‘cause sometimes I don’t really get twittering very well.




Even as it got dark it was still pretty.





thanks for watching the sunset with me.



Ellen Patry said...

 Goodnight yourself. I enjoyed that sunset quite nicely from the couch in Keiran's  house, all tucked nicely in after a day of shopping and 1/2 hour of standing in the drizzle to see the Santa Claus firetrucks go by.

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