Broccoli Pomegranate Christmas tree salad

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broccoli tree-2873


This might be the year I was too busy to get to making palmiers but I have finally made an eatable Christmas tree!

Super simple and fun to make. 


broccoli tree-2862


If you don’t count the dressing I’m planning to serve with it and don’t count the bacon bits I was thinking would be real nice sprinkled on top, it’s a three ingredient salad.


broccoli tree-2863


I saw a this Christmas tree done with cherry tomatoes and I’m sure that would be good too. When I saw the pomegranate I thought they would look like Christmas lights. 


broccoli tree-2864



broccoli tree-2866


I cut a bunch of broccoli florets and a few cauliflower florets and then re-cut them so that each one would stand up when I placed it on the plate.


broccoli tree-2865


arranged it in a tree shape on a plate.


broccoli tree-2868


Then carefully placed cauliflower pieces between the broccolis.



broccoli tree-2872


Last step, I Put the “lights” on the tree.


That’s all.



Broccoli Pomegranate Christmas tree salad



  • broccoli florets
  • cauliflower florets
  • about 1/4 of a pomegranate worth of seeds/berries


Cut broccoli florets flat on the bottom so they’ll stand up and arrange into a tree shape on a plate.

Cut cauliflower florets in half or more as necessary to make a little smaller than the broccoli pieces and arrange a few here and there throughout the tree.

Carefully set pomegranate seeds like strings of Christmas lights on the tree.

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