Dec 18, 2012

Oscar and Maggie



I was thinking about Oscar and Maggie the Bassets today.   I haven’t seen them in a couple of years .




This is Oscar with Maggie in the background.




They love everybody




and everybody loves them.


I was told Oscar and Maggie have their own twitter accounts so I looked for them and they certainly do.

They tweet pertinent daily news and life events from a basset prospective:

Maggie @MaggieTheBasset

Holy kennel cough! Do you see the size of that Great Dane? Hey Dane! How's the weather up there? HAWBowowHAR!


@MaggieTheBasset I like kids. They're cuddly, friendly, and not too chewy.


If you have nothing better to do and don’t mind reading their dog rated tweets check them out at

@MaggieTheBasset  @OscarTheBasset


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