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11 entrance


The best part about the month of February is the days really start to get longer.

12 ate lunch


13 walking


15 inside my fridge


I know there’s food styling but I had to do some last minute Fridge styling for this photo. Yikes, you did not want to see it before.

16 perfect


Just add butter.

17 in my hand


Unless you’ve tried it, you have no idea how hard it is to take a picture with your left hand! These things are not designed for lefties. I don’t mean the camera I ‘m holding in my right  hand, I’m talking about the one I’m afraid I’m about to drop that I’m awkwardly shooting with and just barely reaching my finger around to the shutter. How do left handed people do it?

17 in my hand 2


I also had these guys in my hand.



18 dont like


Only good cabbage is a dead cabbage in my book, I mean cooked cabbage.

19 i am


What’s with this 28 degree stuff? I’m ready for spring.


20 where you stood2


Even if it was only in my mind.



21 full


Blueberry pie and ice cream for breakfast.


22 makes you smile


I loved reading books by L.M. Montgomery and was very sad when I’d read them all.


23 a word


This guy is a stickler, when you get done reading this you’ll know

There is no berry in library,

Drowned has one syllable. The pronunciation DROWN-ded is beastly.


Just when I think I’m doing alright I get to Semi and find out I might be a nitwit.

“Semi  SEM-ee (rhymes with Emmy), not SEM-eye.

Only a nitwit would say sem-eye-colon and sem-eye-circle, so why the big attraction to SEM-eye in so many other semi-words? “Don’t follow those who affectedly make the i long,” counsels Opdycke (1939). Avoid the appearance of semiliterate affectation. For all words beginning with the combining form semi-, say SEM-ee.”

Hmm, I’m just not going to call a tractor trailer a “Semee”.

Oh, wait, he says “However, for the word semi, meaning a tractor-trailer, SEM-eye is acceptable.”

Oh, that makes me feel better. Acceptable is way better than being beastly.

Ok, I’m putting this book away. It’s distracting me.

24 cloud


25 bedsidetable


I really like this lavender and aloe lotion.


26 quiet


Please don’t ask me what kind of a car this is. All I’ll be able to tell you is it’s old, it’s from when this color of turquoise was a cool color for cars. Does that help?

27 playing



28 upsidedown



That's all for February.


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