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February already? Well I guess I knew it was but I hadn’t picked up my camera  yet. Sometimes I need a little motivation. For the fork prompt it was the comment from one of my fabulous Facebook readers

“I want to to see your fork” that instantly reminded me of a little boy we met one July 4th on the last mile of a 15 mile hike. He and his dad met us and asked if they were on the right trail to get to some other trail that I forget the name of. I told them it wasn’t more than a mile and they’d come to a fork in the road and there'd be signs for the trail.

The kid looked at me intently as the dad thanked us. After they walked off I heard the boy ask “Why was there going to be a fork in the road?”.

I now know what that kid was thinking.



If you are contemplating participating in #PHOTOADAY here’s how to play.

It really isn’t hard and if you do not HAVE to lay in the road to get a photo of a fork. I promise.





I really like this cloth.




This one gets honorable mention.


Hmm, what begins with ‘E’ that would make a fun picture?

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