Long Creek Falls in the snow

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long creek-


Long Creek falls is a 1 mile hike in Fannin County Georgia. It’s slightly uphill all the way to the falls and downhill all the way back.


long creek-4149


Long Creek falls is off Forest Service road 58


long creek-4171


There’s a few parking spots on the edge of the road. There’s even a note on the Benton MacKaye/ AT (AT is hiker lingo for Appalachian Trail) sign assuring you that the falls is that way.


long creek-4166


Optional: while waiting for your friends to arrive: Have a snowball fight with a snowman.


long creek-4168


No! Don’t hit my camera.


long creek-4185


The heavy snow weighed the trees down so the trail seemed narrower than it really was.


long creek-4190


Since part of the trail is on the AT we met guy from Michigan on his mission to hike the whole AT.


long creek-4216


There’s a sign marking the turn off to the falls. And you might see a friendly snowman too if you’re lucky.


long creek--3


There are a few off trail additional little waterfalls.


long creek-4226


Tiffany was hard core and went all the way down the bank for a better photo.


long creek--4


This off trail falls was much easier to get to.


long creek-4229


It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t snowing but it felt like both most of the hike with the melting snow falling out of the trees.


long creek falls-1


Long creek falls.


long creek-4220


… he waved goodbye saying,
"Don't you cry,
I'll be back again some day.”

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  1. The Experimental CookFebruary 5, 2013 at 11:20 PM

    Thank you for these wonderful pictures. They seem to have the power to lift off the burdens of the week. My father in law has gone back to the Lord last week and I envision him in a much beautiful place than this.


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