Favorite free fonts

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lovers quarrel font


Here’s a list of a few of my favorite free fonts. Some are free for commercial use and others are free only for personal use.  Lovers Quarrel




Love Ya like A Sister is Google font and downloading is not half as difficult as I made it for myself the first time.

This Valentines themed template is free from The Album Café.


quilline script thin


Quilline Script thin from font squirrel.



meddon font


Meddon another free Google font.





I first saw Downcome on PicMonkey and had to find it. I did over at font squirrel where they say they  have 100% free commercial use font.


boycott font


I don’t know what I’d use this font for but I like it. Boycott is made by Flat it if you do something cool with it he’d love for you to send him a sample of your work.


sweetie pie font


Sweetie Pie is made by Ammy free for personal use.


the king and queen font


The King and Queen font



Scriptina pro


Scriptina Pro is my favorite right now, things could change but right now I really like this. Cheap pro fonts you are my hero.


NHL font


Oh, I couldn’t resist, this NHL font was too much fun. All lower case letters are NHL logos. Nice work Jayde.


Happy font shopping, I hope I haven’t led you to waste too much time today.

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