Scenic Spur trail waterfalls

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scenic spur waterfalls-5


Scenic spur trail in Ocoee is about a 3.5 mile hike.


sceni spur falls-3197


The trail is well marked.


sceni spur falls-3199


And other markings too.


sceni spur falls-3217


There are some stream crossings and most of the time you can rock hop.


sceni spur falls-3294


The rocks are a little slippery but not too bad.


sceni spur falls-3299


The Labradoodle puppy  preferred to just run through the water in fact I think She looks forward to the stream crossings.


sceni spur falls-3243


Russ decided to keep his shoes dry and walk it barefoot…


sceni spur falls-3245



Yes, they just slipped off his shoulder.


sceni spur falls-3246


Red shirt made sure to put his shoes around his neck. No, his mother didn’t name him “Red Shirt”, I just can not remember his name.


sceni spur falls-3256


Jon got it all on video.


scenic spur-3263


secenic spur-3268


It was a little chilly for that bare feet thing if you ask me.


sceni spur falls-


The first falls or bottom of the lower falls.  This one might not officially count because it’ but I like it.


scenic spur falls--3


The lower falls is really nice. I’m sorry, my model got tired of waiting for me to get set up and is in the process of leaving here.


scenic spur falls--6


If you climb up the hill and through the bushes you can get to the the upper falls.


scenic spur-3276


It was absolutely worth battling the mud and rocks and laurel thicket to get to it!


sceni spur falls-3317


On the way back we met Raja, she’s a 5 month old German Shepard.


sceni spur falls-3316 

She carries her own dog food and dishes in her backpack/jacket and loves to go hiking.


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