Gee Creek falls in January

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Gee creek falls is a 1 mile hike in Polk county TN. Perfect to get out and feel like you didn’t spend the whole day inside but short enough that you can do other things with the rest of the day.


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There are no signs on the main road but once you get to the end with the gate there is this sign to reassure you that you haven’t driven out this gravel road for nothing.


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There’s a stream crossing with a bridge so you can keep your feet dry.


gee creek-3145


There’s this one spot where you have to scramble over the rock but that’s about all.


gee creek-3189


I know you’ve always wanted to know what real hikers eat, Peanut M&Ms. There the secret is out.


gee creek--2


If you haven’t been to Gee Creek waterfalls and you’ve been thinking about going, do. You’ll be glad you did.


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