Falls Branch Falls in January

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falls branch falls Cherohala Skyway--4

Falls Branch falls is about 1.5 mile hike.

fall branch--14

There’s a parking area with a sign for Rattlesnake Rock West at about mile 22 along the Cherohala Skyway. In the corner of the parking lot you’ll see the trail.

fall branch-3840

When you get to this sign you should follow the straight arrow for trail 87 and not go to the right on the less traveled trail like we did.

fall branch-3838

That less travelled trail I found out is called  Jeffrey Hell Trail #196. We turned around when we got to this part.

fall branch--13

THEN we went out trail 87. It is an old road bed most of the way.

falls branch-falls--12

Then the trail makes a turn to the right and heads down hill. But I’m looking back uphill here because I liked the light.

fall branch--11

The trail continued down. And I looked back up at where I’d come.

fall branch--10

I kept doing that

fall branch--9

Until it got really steep and I had to look where I was going.

fall branch-3843

And finally I saw a glimpse of the falls, we were on the right trail!

fall branch--8

fall branch--7

There were rocks to rock hop across.

fall branch--6

The trail goes right between two big rocks covered in moss. I didn’t notice the tree growing out of the rock until I got home and looked at my photos. I think I should be more observant sometimes.

falls branch-falls

The falls, we made it.
The end.
It’s not a long hike if you don’t waste a bunch of time going out Jeffery Hell first.

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