Extra Sharp

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sharp cheddar farm-9775


I got to visit the farm that is pictured on the extra sharp Cabot cheddar cheese.




sharp cheddar farm--2

 sharp cheddar farm-9751


I had my own tour guide.


sharp cheddar farm-9790


First  we met the farm dog, um, actually I can’t remember his name.


sharp cheddar farm-9744


We stopped in at the barn.


sharp cheddar farm-9728


Met the calves.


sharp cheddar farm-9734


They were in the middle of dinner.


sharp cheddar farm-9756


Then we headed out across the corn fields


sharp cheddar farm-9758


And down the hill.


sharp cheddar farm-9759


And back up the hill.


sharp cheddar farm-9783


And then to the top of the hill.

 sharp cheddar farm-




cheese inspiration


I knew I liked that cheese.

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  1. I like your tour guide.

  2. Gorgeous. They should buy these pictures from you to sell their cheese. Makes my vegan self want a sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwich. And to be in Vermont, but only until I check the temperatures...

  3. How did we miss this gorgeous blog post? Your photos are really lovely and we're grateful for the Cabot <3 ~Wendy

  4. Oh, glad you liked it! It's a beautiful place there.


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