Reflect ~PhotoADay

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Everyone who got their first nice camera for Christmas, PhotoADay is for you! Here’s the list for January and here’s the link for how to play. If you don’t blog you can post to instagram and facebook with #fmsphotoaday hashtag.



16 happy


17  tree


20 listening to1


20 listening to


20 listening to2


21 on the post


22 sparkly


23 tradition


Yes, I clean the drain once a year whether it needs it or not.


25 best part


That half hour Just before the sun goes down.


26 where he slept


27 sick


I will spare you all the coughing, sneezing and tissue photos.


28 something awesome




29 reflect 2013 was fun and I learned a lot but I’m looking forward to 2014!


31 celebrate

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