February already ~PhotoADay

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February?  Wait, I didn’t finish January!

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31 polka dot


Well, here’s my polka dot photo for day 31.


30 best investment ever


This is the camera that I used to take the polka dot night sky photo with.


29 window


This is the window that I learned about north facing light at.


28 winter


This is the inch or two of snow that closed down the south for days.


27 your space


This is the sky that made me pull over for a picture.


26 fun stuff


This is going to be a goal.


25 dinner


This is going to be so much fun to make.


24 bedtime


This is just light from the nightlight.


I’ll get to February, I will. Two days behind? that’s better than last January when I got 3 weeks behind.

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  1. The starry night sky is Fabulous. Polka Dot sky just doesn't cover it by a half. Loved that !


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