Guilty on 10 counts of Photo Clichés

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I was just reading 25 Photo Clichés You Should Stop Doing Right Now and found I am guilty of at least 10 of them!


bad text over image gardentime

Text over Photos

Guilty! But I’ve changed, I really have, I now like my photos without any distractions on them. Well except for PhotoADay photos.


bad text over image


I think I knew the photo wasn’t really that good and somehow if I added some text on top of a crappy white border maybe somehow that would improve it.


bad crappy frames and boarder


I need to go hide.


bad selective color

selective color

Embarrassing, You don’t even want to know how many hours I spent trying to achieve this!

The only reason I did it in the first place was because I saw other people had done it. I did it as an exercise to see if I could do it. I never stopped to think whether I even liked the look or not.

Eeek, I even did a blog post about selective color on this blog in 2010.



Just clouds

I did, but I think I have since gone back and deleted them all. I really prefer some landscape or something to give some perspective in the photo too.



broccoli_HDR 900


When ever I think of bad HDR, this broccoli plant comes to mind like a bad dream that just won’t go away.



Big ugly watermark covering the photo

As if anyone really would want to steal my photos anyway.  I thought about watermarking photos because other people did it and there are lots of free software that can easily do it. I tried it a few times. But I can’t find any right now.

I found looking at other people’s photos the only time I cared to know who took the photo was if it was a really outstanding piece of work that just left me sitting the saying Wow!  And most of the time those artists just had a simple signature or water mark in the corner so you could see it if you cared but didn’t detract from the image.



Slow shutter on waterfalls

I’m guilty of this but I have no plans to change. I like slow shutters with water.  I took this a couple of months ago.


kix-12336 copy

Landscape panorama

Yup, I’ve one those, did this last week. I will continue to do them when the mood strikes me. This one is pretty boring. Ok, I agree. But there’s a story that goes with it. Maybe I’ll do a post on it soon.




sunset photos

Whatever, I still like sunsets. This one was taken with a point and shoot and I’d just hope it would focus where I wanted it to. Actually I really didn’t notice how the near icicle is not in focus back then.


fireworks sunset


But I do kinda get what he’s saying. Like this one, BORING. I could’ve moved to the right a little to add that tree into my photo and that might’ve helped. I rarely like the main subject dead center like a bulls eye.


bad bathroom selfies


I’m a photographer selfie

Yeah, I’ve done those with the big camera in the bathroom but I end up deleting them because, well, for all of the reasons Kai mentioned.


pink mackcopy


But don’t let any of Kai’s list of photo clichés stifle your passion for photography, don’t resist the sudden urge to get off the interstate to photograph a pink Mack Truck for no other reason than you like it.

Keep learning,

keep growing,

and taking on new challenges.

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