Ocoee River visitors center in 30 minutes

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benton overlook-11029


The Ocoee whitewater Visitor’s center has 30 minute visitor’s parking and if you hustle you can see quite a bit in 30 minutes.


benton overlook-10998


First the bridge lured me across


benton overlook-11001


Then the rafts came floating down the river. It looked pretty calm until


benton overlook-11006


they got right at that flashing light!


benton overlook-11009


That’s when they got their monies worth!


benton overlook-11011


Their guide spotted me and told them to wave to all the PancakeNinja readers.


benton overlook-11038


This section is great, it’s built for photographers, the walkway is actually lower than the river water level so it gives a really good perspective.


benton overlook-11043




benton overlook-11044


benton overlook-11045


It’s man-made so there are strategically placed rocks to keep things exciting.


benton overlook-11046


Ok, watch this raft,


benton overlook-11047


make note of how many heads are in the raft.


benton overlook-11048


5 and a guide right?


benton overlook-11050


Uh, by the time I got to the other side of the bridge there were only two left in the raft and it was hung up on a rock. They did get unstuck and they picked up the rides that fell out and floated down stream.


benton overlook-11057


benton overlook-11067


benton overlook-11069


benton overlook-11075



benton overlook-11080


The whole guide thing looks like a lot of work.


benton overlook-11083


benton overlook-11082


benton overlook-11084


And that’s the end of my 30 minute rafting adventure where I didn’t even get wet at all!

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