Strawberry moon

by - 4:32 PM

strawberry moon-10312

1/8 sec  F/1.8  ISO-2500  35mm

The other night it finally stopped raining and I’d completely forgotten about the big moon and had given up any hopes of photographing it with the weather we’d been having and there it was! this peachy orange glowing ball hanging right in the trees!

I was on my way home and wasn’t going to bother taking any pictures of the moon but then I heard Angela’s encouragement from months ago to go out and photograph the moon.

I was kinda thinking moon schmoon. I don’t feel like switching lenses, not that I even have a proper moon shooting lens anyway but that moon kept looking at me.

So I reached over and grabbed the camera as-is, no tripod, with it’s 35mm lens and just propped it on the window sill and took whatever shot I could get.


strawberry moon-10312-2

1/8 sec  F/1.8  ISO-2500  35mm

Thanks Angela!

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