Stir-fry over quinoa

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This was very very good even though I don’t know what keenwah is! If I read it: Quinoa I can’t remember how to pronounce it and if I hear it said like: Keenwah I can’t remember how to spell it. Yes, a terrible dilemma. I was tempted to leave out the whole part that we ate our stir-fry over Quinoa so I wouldn’t have to remember how to spell it. There, it’s out, I’ve said it

I ate it, it’s a sorta grain thing but it’s not millet and it’s not couscous .

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Crobi started by getting out all the ingredients. This was great, all I had to do was take the pictures! When I’m taking photos and cooking I often miss steps because my hands are sticky. Or I just plain daydream about something and forget.


PNP 712-246


PNP 712-247



PNP 712-248

Then the vegetable chopping. First the carrots.


PNP 712-250

And there is something about bright orange carrots that call to small fingers from way across the room

and the small fingers come

and take away little bits of carrot.


PNP 712-251

Slice Brussel sprouts. They are perfectly yummy I assure you. Even if you think you don’t like them and have had them as your arch enemy for years give them a try. I did just that and found we really hit it off after years of not speaking, it had been so long neither of us even knew how the bad feeling came about. So now we try to make up for lost time and enjoy each other’s company whenever possible,

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.

Even if it’s forgiving brussel sprouts

PNP 712-254

pour in some olive oil.

PNP 712-255

toss in minced garlic.


PNP 712-256

The chopped carrots.


PNP 712-257

While those start to cook chop some mushrooms.

PNP 712-259

chop asparagus.

PNP 712-261

And some zucchini.

PNP 712-263

Check on the carrots.


PNP 712-264

Some soy sauce, I don’t know how much.

PNP 712-265

Some tamari ginger.

PNP 712-266

Ground ginger, a pinch or a few shakes.


PNP 712-267

Toss in the Zucchini and Asparagus

PNP 712-270

Cut up some broccoli and kale

PNP 712-272

and toss them in.

PNP 712-276

Sprinkle in some,somekind of seeds, they seemed smaller than flax seeds, they weren’t poppy seeds. Anyway some “good for you seeds”.

PNP 712-277

Flax oil, that’s where the flax part of the recipe is! I was there, took the pictures and ate it but remembering what the novel new ingredients are is another story.

PNP 712-279

add the spinach

PNP 712-281

and put the lid on.


PNP 712-282

Then distract the cook by taking pictures of her newly published book. It may be just a proof but it looks pretty official and published to me. I was impressed.


PNP 712-283

Then realize that you never put in the corn or the brussel sprouts!

PNP 712-284

Quick throw them in.

PNP 712-285

OK, everything is in! Let it cook until the brussel sprouts are cooked but not mushy.


PNP 712-289

serve over quinoa.

PNP 712-294

top with peanuts.


have seconds.

Plan to visit Crobinator often.

The end.

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  1. Those are chia seeds, a tasteless superfood. :-D

    Thanks for making me feel kinda famous. Hehe... you rock! Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Well you are kinda famous. TWO books in print, now just tell me that isn't kinda famous!
    Not to mention, you have very photogenic hands for cooking photos.


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