Jul 31, 2011


As the sun was going down the clouds opened up just a little

to catch a bit of the sunset.

For a brief moment it was there

and then the clouds set before the sun.

So I put my camera back in the bag and headed down the road.

That’s when I saw the bear crossing the road and didn’t have time to get any pictures

bear crossing
It looked something like this but not exactly like this. I just shared this photo from the guys at Motorcycle Philosophy because it’s pretty much the same view I had, kinda the shaggy butt fast walking across the road and into the ditch before it disappeared into the woods. By the time I got my camera bag open the bear was long gone.  it might’ve been a little bigger than the one in the picture here.

And that’s the story of the bear I didn’t take any pictures of.

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Elisefineart said...

These mountain shots are FAB!!!! I want to paint ALL of them! And yes, it's a great "story" about the invisible but still present bear story =)

PancakeNinja said...

Yes, yes of course you can paint these!

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