Grampy’s ham sandwiches

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Eighty some odd years ago this photo was taken of my Grampa and his brother.


He was up on the latest technology even then, he was the first kid with a smart phone in his class.




OK, maybe not about the phone part. Cell phones just  aren’t the one thing he can’t live without.

But the just yesterday we were sitting outside enjoying his ham sandwiches and talking about that photo.



…That was my first communion. They had us fold our hands like this.



Then we’d have to say

Je renonce à la diable et toutes ses œuvres et tous ses moyens

It started talking about the devil.



And I forget what next, something about I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.


Oh, that was so long ago.



To make Grampy’s ham sandwiches you need  wheat rolls.





Some smart balance buttery spread I’m sure real butter would be just fine also but real butter is not part of this recipe so just get out some buttery spread.



The ham slices need to be separated to leave little air spaces, It tastes much better that way. And because Grampy said so.



Next go to the fridge and pass by the regular mustard in the yellow plastic bottle with the squirt top; reach into the back and get out the Grey Poupon mustard. This will complete the sandwich.



Take it out to the picnic table and have an outside lunch.





I’ve done a lot in this life.



Grampy’s ham sandwiches

  • wheat rolls
  • sliced ham,
  • buttery spread
  • grey Poupon mustard

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