What happens outside stays outside

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I got to babysit my niece,  we did all sorts of 2 year old things including golfing which ended up being more carrying golf balls around by hand. We ate frozen strawberries, played on the swings, the hammock, stared at bugs, went to see “Cowy”,


ran little short steps and asked “Why?” to every answer. We had a good time…

She’s also potty training. Now I’m just not all that up to date on potty training. I figured letting her run around out side with no pants on would be ok, what happens out side stays outside right?
At some point we went inside to use her potty, then I noticed the brown smears on the potty seat. So I put her in the tub and cleaned her up.
We headed out to the kitchen freshly showered and in clean clothes ready to make strawberry smoothies when she says to me with her very properly pronounced words “What’s that on you?”
I looked but didn’t see anything.
She points and says “It looks like poop.”
I looked at where she was pointing, sure enough.
Then she continues “It’s on your shirt and on your pants.”
So I went back to the bathroom and I washed and changed my clothes.

Maple strawberry lettuce yogurt smoothie.


julyVT trip-265b2
Then all clothes were off.
Yes, off.
There she was bare butterfly and all in her pool having a grand time!

julyVT trip-259b2

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  1. Slavagna KapushnickAugust 1, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    I *LOVE* the butterfly! It was a great touch to an already great story!


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