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I like pretty things, anything blue is usually pretty to me and shiney and cool icons for free just make my day.

1WD.CO had this great list of social icons. I went looking for better looking icons, as in better than what I currently have.

pink Mustache vector icons

I like these pealing stickers and I like all the work these generous people put into making them and just share them. I like you PinkMustache guys! Nice choice of a font on your site too!


The guys at Dawghouse Design Studio came up with the cans. I kinda like them but can't figure out where to use them.


clear icons

These clear ones are probably something I'd actually use. I really like the readme file that comes in the download:

Thanks For Downloading!
This resource is free for personal and commercial use ~ no attribution necessary.
Find many more quality resources on the Mysitemyway ETC Network.

...and learn how to make them yourself!

My kind of people.


 So I downloaded a bunch of icons. Liked them, looked at them and then didn't do anything.

It was just one of those days, not a bad day in the least

 just one of those days. It was a day get inspired,

and then do something with the inspiration another day.

PS These are my favorite. They almost look eatable.


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