Aug 25, 2011


Outside of WholeFoods there was a guy with his talking bird. Parrot?  Geez, I forget if that’s what it actually is. I’ve just always thought of talking birds as being parrots.  Maybe it was a Cockatoo.

He said her name was Sarah. Then he offered us to hold her, or let her perch.
I wasn’t brave, I claimed I couldn’t because I had to take the pictures.

Nichelle  volunteered so I could get some pictures for everyone. (thank you Nichelle for being brave)

Sarah is very social and showed us the feathers on her head.

Sarah got  comfortable, and climbed up a little,

Then she got very comfortable

Whoa, Who’s shoulder am I on?! It that a button on you hat or is that an eye?

Sarah’s dad said Sarah is 18 years old and talks

“Good girl Sarah, good girl Sarah” she said in her funny parrot voice and showed us her clipped wings.

Then she danced for us
she bounced up and down and said “Dance Sarah Dance”
Her Daddy told us she’s 18 years old and they’ve had her since she was a year old.

All because of this little bite of tastyness  I went into Whole Foods and ended up getting to meet Sarah!
Have a pastry inspired day.


ariadne said...

Cockatoos are parrots. And at 18 years, she's just a juvenile - most species of cockatoo can live to be over 100 years old. I hope his guardian has made arrangements for her care in his will, as she'll likely outlive him. But he seems very good to her!

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