It’s out there

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It’s out there crawling up trees. 


PNP Garden85-1

It’s in the grass.  



It has almost unnoticeable “thumbs” on the bottom two leaves.  


PNP poisonI-2

PNP Garden85-2

It has Very obvious “thumbs” on the bottom two leaves. 


PNP Garden85-4

It’s creeping in the ditch.


PNP Garden85-6

It’s deformed.


PNP Garden85-8

It’s wearing red instead of green. 


PNP poisonI-1

There is the climbing variety (toxicodendron radicans)




PNP poisonI-3

and the non climbing (toxicodendron rydbergii) or Rydberg's poison ivy.

They interbreed, look very similar, sometimes grow in the same places, and give you the same rash. So who really cares about the difference.


When was the last time you got poison ivy? or are you one of the lucky people who just don’t get it?




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  1. Thank you!!! I never really knew what Poison Ivy looked like.

  2. Thank you!! I never knew what Poison Ivy looked like.


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