It’s a great day for mud

by - 9:45 AM


About 7:30 am the sun peeks around the mountain 



and today I am moving mud. Yeah mud. I know it’s not a good word to describe the exact type of soil.



Well it looked like this.

It’s that sticky brown blue river bottom stuff. Yes that stuff that sticks in the truck.



Across the site, I look in the mirror to see it come out  It does a little but the pile on the ground just isn’t big enough so I’ve got to get out and take a look.



Just as I get back there I hear a really slow Whoosh! And a bunch oozes out. I figure I'll wait a bit in case the last wants to come out anytime soon.



That’s when I saw Bubba watching me.

Uh, nice doggie, nice doggie, I hope we can be friends. I forgot my wallet, I mean my dog biscuits.



Turned out I had nothing to worry about, Bubba was a nice dog or just had a short attention span and got bored with me.



Then remembered he had something to scratch or lick.






If there’s one thing to know about a construction site, it’s this right here, yes, the orange marker with the pink ribbon tied onto it.

If you value your life you leave this alone. You don’t bulldoze it over, you don’t bury it with dirt and you Don’t absent mindedly kick it over while walking by. There’s no knowing what the grademan will do to you when he comes storming out from behind his transit.


That’s all for now, I have to go wash the truck out,


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