A shot in the dark

by - 6:54 AM


f/2.8   1 sec   ISO-200  18mm

Just last year. Taken Just propping the camera on the railing and holding my breath and hoping that I wasn’t wiggling. After looking at the picture I see I do quite a bit of wiggling in one second.



f/5.6     30.00 sec    ISO-200    50mm  

This year the Henley Street bridge under repair.

First use of the tripod. Yes, I haven’t been using a tripod before this. Um, well, I’d just set the camera on something and set the remote timer –after I found the timer that is. Reading the manual is just over rated. People don’t really do that do they?



f/5.6      30.00 sec    ISO-200     50mm      3 shots stitched


I really didn’t know what I should set anything to so as usual I just tried something. Once again I didn’t do any preparing in advance, like reading about how to take good night pictures on cloudy nights.

  In my mind this photo was going to have this whole bridge reflecting in the water just like Frank Kehren did in one of his inspiring photos.

Come to think of it I might’ve had a better angle from the other side.

Come to think of it getting to the other side would have to be accomplished by crossing some other bridge right now.

My fingers were cold. So I went home.

The end.



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  1. Glad to see you put the tripod to good use.  Did you purchase a remote cable release for your camera yet.  With the remote, you can keep your hands warm in your pockets


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