This time last year

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This is what may be as good as it gets for winter around here. Somehow I’m OK with that.


christmas 29-25

This time last year I was visiting my dear family.


christmas 29-36

I was the only one on skis and rented skis at that. There were comments about skiers being slow. We’re in the witness protection program so I can’t mention her name, the one who was not exactly praising the skiers.



She gets around on a board pretty well. A heck of a lot weller than I would that’s for sure.  On one lift ride up she told some of us about bindings. I didn’t even know there were different kinds. She said to Red pants mine are better –it’s ok, he was with us therefore it’s ok to lovingly mercilessly pick on him too. She showed us that her binding could be undone with one click.


christmas 29-26

And just like that with one click the board was off! Gone. Way down below. No way, did that just happen?         



On the next lift ride up I saw these little foot prints go ALL the way down. I did not laugh or even smile.

Actually I did.


That night I learned there's also something called a safety strap and you should always make sure you have attached it whether or not you plan to demonstrate how clicker bindings work.

PS  don’t try this at home.


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