Don’t fall

by - 10:18 AM


Youth hockey players of the night.  



He stands at the doorway thinking about the warnings his brother and friends have given him. Don’t fall, it’s gonna be dark when you skate out there, everyone will be watching.

He waits for Mr. Announcer man to announce the youth hockey players of the game.

He hears his name and skates out onto the ice with the spotlight on him and everyone watching.



He goes to the spot he was told to.



Maybe next time I’ll “shoot the duck” when I come out here, yeah. What ever “shooting the duck” is. I’ll ask my brother sometime but not now.



He stands there for the national anthem thinking about how far it is to the other end. Some guy, a big tall one says something to him. His mom will ask him later but he wont remember by then, he has important things to worry about right now.  When they turn on the lights do I go around those legs or through them? And are we getting popcorn?  



The lights come on and he skates for the door.



he comes slow and under control to the door.

It’s been a good night  I didn’t fall.



  Didn’t fall out on the ice!



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