The Conway bridge over the Nolichucky river

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The Conway Bridge

My cousin Joey told me about a photo contest with Wiki Loves Monuments. After a brief glance at the details it just looked like a fun excuse to go visit  some historic places.

I chose some places that currently have no photos submitted. My logic kinda went like this: even if I don’t win, maybe they’ll use some of my photos. I don’t even know what you win if you do win.

beech hall-8982-2

So this first one was this place Called Beachwood Hall with no address, just GPS coordinates.

beech hall-8988

The GPS got us close but this wasn’t it. No old buildings out this pig trail.

beech hall-8984

And this certainly wasn’t it either!


Not to be discouraged, we just moved onto something else on the list.

The Conway Bridge

The Conway bridge  Built by Steel and Lebby Bridge Company of Knoxville during 1924-1925

The Conway Bridge

This one lane bridge crosses the Nolichucky River, a major stream draining the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina and east Tennessee.

The Conway Bridge

We also saw some interesting other things along the way…

horse on porch-9088

Like this guy who does his front porch sittin’ standing up. 


And I thought that was in Virginia.


If you squizzle through the bushes you can actually see the natural bridge which is more like a natural squash culvert.


Luckily the water is lower than it has been at times or I wouldn’t’ve been able to have this nice sandy “beach” to stand on.


Met Mr Turtle down there too.

tobacco growing

Thank Joey for the fun idea!

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  1. The Experimental CookSeptember 11, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    Lovely pictures and very informative too! Please keep the pictures coming.

  2. nice to share this trip with you as I lay around in my bed with my computer....


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