Norris Lake

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Norris lake-9255-2

A few photos from Norris lake. This is my favorite one from the whole day.

Norris Lake

Yes, those are my shoes. 

Norris lake-1007

   It was just one of those really nice days.

Norris Lake

Norris lake-9

We had a southern sunset on this side of the lake. 

Norris lake-1005

So I laid down in the “Honey are you ok?” pose that I often do to get the angle that I want. And more than once some one has seen me and asked me if I’m ok. I assure them I’m fine and enthusiastically try to tell them what beautiful things I see from where I sit. Often they just shake their heads and walk away. It’s ok, I sorta understand.

Norris lake-5

Norris lake-51

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