Meadow Creek Fire Tower

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meadow creek fire tower

Meadow Creek Fire Tower Elevation: 2875’

I’ve been told this tower is the fifth to stand here. In 1926, the tower was nothing more than a platform between three chestnut trees with a small tent. The tent office housed a hand-crank telephone that was used to send news of fires that had been spotted.

meadow cr-9041

It is no longer kept up. Have to be careful where you step.

meadow creek fire tower


meadow cr-9045

The railings are only left on one side.

meadow cr c

Many have visited, I really wonder who Joey Taco was.

meadow creek fire tower

If the Fog was more cooperative I think there would be a pretty good view of North Carolina.

meadow creek fire tower

To the west the clouds hid the sunset.

meadow cr-9067

meadow cr-9077-2

The glass is gone from the windows. And it can get pretty windy.

meadow cr-9076

meadow cr-9075


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