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I was asked Why I haven’t posted any truck photos lately. Maybe I’ve been a little preoccupied by other interests but I have not stopped taking pictures of trucks in any way. 

I thought of Matt aka “Semi Crazy” when I stopped for these photos.


semi crazy2


Semi Crazy is a cool kid who has good taste when it comes to trucks. I love this photo of him standing here doing his very best “I own this truck - even if it’s only in my mind” pose.





I see this kid in my mind standing just like that in front of every sharp looking Kenworth I see. 





That pose of Semi Crazy’s makes me think of the smile on Pat’s face years ago,

when I asked him if I could take this picture of his truck.

Inside every truck driver there’s a little kid who dreamed of driving a truck one day and smiles every time he realizes he’s living that dream.




Peterbuilt truck




Peterbuilt truck










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  1. I love your insight here, PN! People love to live their dreams! Cool reminder. Great pics of proud truckees!


    You have impressive shots of your truck! Semi Crazy
    looks adorable posing at front of the truck. Just look how amazing and huge the
    truck looks behind him. Trucks are certainly more than just a vehicle for
    transporting heavy loads, but they can also look trendy like other vehicles in
    the market. The size and enormity of them really looks good in those photos.



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