Raw Nori wraps

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Raw veg nori seaweed wraps


Thanks to Pinterest, I found a beautiful photo of raw nori rolls and had to make some. They not only looked good, they are very good for you.


veg seaweedwraps-6127


Slice up some carrots, red bell pepper,


veg seaweedwraps-6129


green bell pepper, avocado, parsley and lettuce.


veg seaweedwraps-6139


Take a sheet of nori


veg seaweedwraps-6140


spread hummus on it leaving a little room at the edge.


veg seaweedwraps-6141


In the center place carrots, avocado,


veg seaweedwraps-6142




veg seaweedwraps-6145


parsley and lettuce. 


veg seaweedwraps-6137


Carefully roll up tightly.


Raw veg nori seaweed wraps -6148


Slice into 1-2” thick slices.

veg seaweedwraps-6149


That’s all.


veg seaweedwraps-6159


They are so pretty you might want to take a photo first before you eat them, I know I did.


Vegan Nori Rolls

Inspired by Rawalicious and

 Rebecca’s Remedy



nori sheets
thinly slice the following vegetables:
sweet red pepper
green bell pepper
lettuce leaves
1 avocado



Spread hummus on nori sheets, pile the vegetables on, roll up tightly and slice into 1-2” slices.

That’s all. Super easy

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  1. Love it! Bookmarked.

  2. Those look really good! Did they stay tightly rolled after you cut them?

  3. They stuck together pretty well with the hummus. They did sorta squish down when I cut them but I just pushed them back into shape.

    They were so good we ate them so quickly there wasn't much time to worry if they were going to come apart.

  4. Hello! It looks yummy but how do you make raw hummus? Sorry I'm new to this lifestyle.

  5. I just used regular hummus I made using canned chickpeas and roasted red peppers. Probably was made like this recipe http://pancake-ninja.blogspot.com/2014/01/roasted-red-pepper-hummus.html

  6. what is nori??? xx looks delicious tho:**


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