Guacamole Grilled Cheese

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This simple Guacamole grilled cheese sandwich is every bit as good as it looks!
One warning though, it is one messy thing to eat. You either need a fork or to be eating it around people you’re comfortable licking your fingers in front of.
Now that you are informed about the dangers, here’s how it was made:

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Butter one side of each piece of bread.

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place some cheddar on each side

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Place fresh Guacamole one one side.
Grill each piece of bread butter side down until cheese is melty. Then place the just cheese piece of bread on to the cheese and guacamole bread. Over low or no heat let warm until cheese is dripping out.

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Eat warm.

Guacamole Grilled Cheese

Adapted from Closet cooking

  • sour dough bread or any bread really
  • fresh guacamole
  • cheddar cheese but I prefer Cabot cheddar

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