Coker Creek falls and wet feet

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coker creek falls--3


Coker Creek falls is just over the line In Polk county Tennessee.


coker creek falls-5668


There’s a sign with an arrow scratched on it indicating the turn onto forest rd 2138


coker creek falls-5670


The road dead ends at a little parking lot.


coker creek falls-5675


The trail follows the river.

coker creek falls-5678


The trail was nice, it looked like some fabulous volunteers had recently done some work on the trails.


coker creek falls-


There are a number of falls along the trail.


coker creek falls--3


The next falls was very nice.


coker creek falls-4274


The afternoon light was perfect.

coker creek falls-4277


coker creek falls-4278


coker creek falls-5681


There was another falls, I set up the tripod and camera.

coker creek falls-4279


I saw that rock out there all dry and was sure the light and the angle was better out there…



coker creek falls-5685


Next thing I know I’m shin deep in cold water and I’m sitting on a cold rock with a trickle of water flowing over it.

Nevermind me, yeah, I’m fine, no I don’t think I hit my knee or anything else for that matter –How’s my  camera?



coker creek falls-5686


After looking it over, the camera’s fine and my beater lens is fine. I just seem to have wrecked a UV filter and ripped a ligament on one of  the legs of the tripod. It’ll probably need a brace from now on.


Considering all the possibilities I’m pretty happy to have only lost a UV filter.


All the way back I was reminded  that Gore-tex shoes hold water real well.

Squish walk,

squish walk.

That’s all for now, I gotta find some dry clothes.

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