Miss EmmaⅡ

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Miss E-4481


Miss Emma II is a pretty ‘99 Kenworth that had just come in from California.


Miss E-4483


I asked who Miss Emma was named after. Emma grins and said “Me.”



Miss E-4480


She told me they’d had a custom sleeper put on. I forget the measurements, but it’s extra long.



Miss E-4485


It’s set up like a little camper in there. They’ve got a one burner stove so they don’t have to eat truck stop food all the time, a shower/toilet, mini fridge, and a table that converts into a bed.



Miss E-4486


The steering wheel was well worn and then some.

Emma laughed and said her husband had left the bull dog in the truck one time and the dog did what any bull dog left alone with nothing to do might do, he chewed on the wooden steering wheel.

“It gives it character” she said. remembering the bull dog fondly.


Miss E-4482


They won’t be making it home for Easter this year. But they have some family in TN stopping by the truck stop for a quick visit before they have to get back on the road.


Life on the road is a hard way to make a living.


Miss E-4501


Happy resurrection day whether you’re at home, at a truck stop or somewhere in between doing whatever it takes to make ends meet.



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