35mm 1.8 review

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I just got this little 35mm DX lens.  I like it so far.
It’s light and that’s a big deal for me.
It’s cheap (as far as lenses go) and most importantly it’s sharp wide open. If a lens goes to f/1.8, I want to be able to open it up to f/1.8 and have it still be sharp!
If you’re like me and haven’t made the jump to a “Big girl camera”, and still have a hard time excepting that good lenses cost more than a camera, this little 35mm is a good option.


This was taken at 1/500 sec  f/2  ISO-500


1/200 sec  f/1.8  ISO-500

1/160 sec  f/1.8  ISO-500
He really wanted breakfast and said so. Ok, photo session over.  Nevermind.


This lens was pre-owned and used primarily for video.


I’m not afraid of used lenses, for the most part these things are made to work.



I think this is the cheapest prime lens you can get for the cameras that can only use lenses with the focus motor in the lens. If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, I think you’ll like it.
Happy shooting!

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