Fall foliage

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It was very dark by the time we stumbled out of the water and through the woods. We’d covered a lot of ground and hopefully got a few good photos while we were at it. It was another good day.




The biggest part of that trip was the new photographer I took with me on her first taste of a being photo junkie.
To me it was just a trip for fall foliage photos and seeing beautiful pictures in ordinary surroundings, for her it was so much more. It was a major event in her life. She said her last good bye to a not so respectable boyfriend the night before because she had something huge and great and worthwhile to do the next day (our little trip with cameras) that made her feel like she had a purpose in life and didn't really need an un-jobbing wannabe future baby daddy to feel socially accepted or complete. 










When I dropped her off I shook my head at how different her "normal" is to mine. I had no idea my spending a day with her was one of the things I was meant to do that day.




I was a window to another world for her, and hopefully it will be the beginning of dreaming bigger dreams, working towards those dreams and seeing more beautiful in the ordinary.
I wished I could fix everything for her but I can't, I can only hope seeds were planted.


 1 Cor 3:6-8

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