Bragg Farm

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bragg farm-9329


The Bragg Farm is a great little place in East Montpelier and the most perfect place for a 4 year old.


bragg farm-9298


bragg farm-9281


They sell you grain to feel their animals.


bragg farm-9282


bragg farm-9284


My niece watched her mom feed the mini horse.


bragg farm-9285


She tried it


bragg farm-9286


but the horse started nibbling her fingers.


bragg farm-9287


My sister showed her how to keep her hand flat.


bragg farm-9289


My niece with the whole thing and just threw the grain a the horse.


bragg farm-9290


bragg farm-18745


bragg farm-9293


The horse begged shamelessly.

 bragg farm-9292


So she tried feeding it from the cup.


bragg farm-9294


bragg farm-9303


bragg farm-9268


Inside the have maple creemees.


bragg farm-9257


Past the maple cream samples


bragg farm-9259




bragg farm-9260




bragg farm-9265


bragg farm-9266


and racks of fudge


bragg farm-9267


is the ice cream!


bragg farm-18735


bragg farm-9274

 bragg farm-18741


Good to the last drop.


bragg farm-


If all that wasn’t enough, there is a beautiful view too.

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